World Congress of High-Tech Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine

Nanjing, China, May 16-18, 2014

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Stronach Medical Group supports complementary and integrative medical laser research at the Medical University of Graz
November 28th, 2011

Frank Stronach, chairman of the newly founded Stronach Medical Group, is to support the innovative research activities of Professor Gerhard Litscher at the Medical University of Graz in the field of laser acupuncture. The common work will be based on a model similar to one created between Magna International and Graz University of Technology, namely the Frank Stronach Institute, which supports both free and applied research. The research group, led by biomedical scientist Gerhard Litscher, will receive research funds, preliminarily for the next two years; after that, a possible integration of a new Stronach research institution for complementary and integrative laser medicine in a planned diagnostic center that will arise as an ultra-modern facility on the outskirts of Graz is an option. In addition, the Stronach Medical Group provides advanced research equipment for scientific investigations.

Frank Stronach, Chairman Stronach Medical Group, and Gerhard Litscher, Head of the TCM Research Center at the Medical University of Graz.


Visiting Professors in China - High Tech Acupuncture Research at the
Medical University of Graz,
China 2010/2011


Prof. Gerhard Litscher, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion:


Prof. Gerhard Litscher, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine: Lu Wang, LAc - Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine:


Ze Min Sheng, MD -  Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine:



China - 2010/2011: Prof. Rudolf Bauer - Appointment

Visiting Professor:

Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPLAD)

Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Vice Chairman of the Board of the Expert Committee of TCM Analysis, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies July 1st, 2010 June 30th, 2014

  • Committee Member of the International Alliance of Chinese Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (November 19th, 2010)

  • Member of the Academic Committee, International Science & Technology Cooperation Base, Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (Jan. 4th, 2011)




China - Harbin, Jan. 4th, 2011


我校聘任奥地利格拉兹大学中医药研究中心主任Rudolf Bauer教授为客座教授及国际科技合作基地学术委员会委员


  1月4日下午,我校在主楼二楼会议室举行客座教授及国际科技合作基地学术委员会委员聘任仪式。奥地利格拉兹大学中医药研究中心主任Rudolf Bauer教授正式受聘为我校客座教授及国际科技合作基地学术委员会委员。校长匡海学教授为Rudolf Bauer教授颁发了聘书,并为其佩戴了我校校徽。




  聘任仪式上,人事处处长徐峰宣读了《关于聘任Rudolf Bauer教授为客座教授的决定》、科技处副处长杨波宣读了《黑龙江中医药大学关于成立国际科技合作基地学术委员会并聘任学术委员会委员的决定》。



  Rudolf Bauer教授致辞,对受聘为我校客座教授及国际科技合作基地学术委员会委员表示荣幸,并表达了对中药研究的兴趣和与我校加深合作的愿望。

  据悉,Rudolf Bauer教授是奥地利格拉兹大学中医药研究中心主任,主要从事消炎类药用植物的化学和药理学方面的研究,在药用植物免疫病理学方面有很高的国际知名度。



  匡海学校长代表学校对Rudolf Bauer教授表示祝贺,他希望Rudolf Bauer教授与我校加强相关领域的实质性科研合作,并为促进我校同奥地利相关科研机构的合作多做工作。



  聘任仪式结束后,Rudolf Bauer教授在王喜军副校长的陪同下饶有兴趣地参观了我校大医之路、药物安全性评价中心和教学实验中心等。


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June 11-12th, 2010

RESEARCH Austria 2010, Graz

TCM Research Center Graz (High-Tech Acupuncture Research): Dr. Tao Huang and Prof. Gerhard Litscher with the Vice President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) Beijing and the Vice Chairman of World Federation of Acupuncture-moxibustion Socienties Prof. Liu Baoyan and Prof. Shijie Xu, Vice President of the Institute of Basic Medicine (CACMS); June 11, 2010 Graz.


October 9th, 2009

"The 8th Meeting of the Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM) was held successfully on August 26-28, 2009 in Nottingham, UK. As resolved at the Close-Door Meeting, we are glad to inform you that
TCM Research Center Graz, University of Graz and Medical University of Graz  has been admitted to CGCM as one of the Institutional Members. Following the meeting, CGCM has now has got a total of 109 member institutes and 9 industrial affiliates, distributed at different parts of the world in Australia, Austria, Beijing, Canada, Changchun, Denmark, Germany, Guangdong, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Jiangxi, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Nanjing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, USA, Wuhan, Xi'an and Yunnan."

TCM Research Center Graz

First Meeting of the TCM Stakeholders Advisory Board

April 3rd, 2009



TCM-Research Center Graz -
Acupuncture Research
Hubei University of Chinese Medicine

Presentation November 8th,  2008    G. Lu, G. Litscher

Interuniversitary TCM-Research Center Graz

Cooperation Contract - July 2008

The rectors Prof. Josef Smolle (Medical University of Graz (MUG); inside, left) and Prof. Alfred Gutschelhofer (Karl-Franzens University Graz (KFU); inside, right) with both heads of the TCM Research Center Graz Prof. Gerhard Litscher (MUG; left) and Prof. Rudolf Bauer (KFU; right) immediately after signing the cooperation contract (July 2008).


Chinese delegation catches up on TCM-Research Center Graz

A small delegation from the province of Sichuan, China, visited the Medical University of Graz and the Karl-Franzens-University on July 4th 2007. High-ranking representatives of research institutions (Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sichuan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chengdu National TCM Safety Evaluation Center, Chinese Academy of Science) as well as companies and public utilities (Chengdu Joint-wit Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province) could get a picture of the Medical University of Graz and current research activities concerning Traditional Chinese Medicine within this short visit.

After a short presentation of the Medical University, the Research Unit of Biomedical Engineering in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine / High-Tech Acupuncture (Prof. Gerhard Litscher; Dr. Lu Wang) was introduced, which aroused great interest among the guests.

The visit took place against the background of current joint efforts with the Karl-Franzens-University of establishing research co-operations and third-party-funded projects in the field of TCM.


The delegation from Sichuan with the hosts of the Research Unit of Biomedical Engineering in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine / High-Tech Acupuncture (Prof. G. Litscher, Dr. L. Wang)

The Chinese guests with Mag. Christine Buzeczki (head of the Department of International Research Co-operation within the Federal Ministry of Science and Research).